4 thoughts on “Girl in Raisen, Madhya Pradesh. By Yann Forget, France

    • Here is this month’s post Genie, which was posted earlier this week: http://wp.me/p4wkZJ-d5 That will give you a good flavour of how I write and what I write about. Do leave a comment if you can, positive or negative, as I like to have feedback on my efforts.

      I am sorry the navigation is not working for you, but hope things become clearer once you click that link. Do please bear in mind that I have a home page where navigation is explained http://wp.me/P4wkZJ-42 Many thanks for persisting here Genie; I appreciate it.

    • Thank you for taking an interest in the photographs I display here; I appreciate it. Perhaps she is sad, though I rather imagine myself she is simply being reflective. Yann Forget is a highly accomplished professional photographer, and I doubt he would have sought to capture an image of a child who needed caring for. Besides, she is dressed in her finery, so I think she was probably okay in herself. Thank you once again for your visit.

      All best wishes,


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